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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Message from the Chairman of the Rose Charity Malaysia

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Message from Mr Lawrence Cheah: Chairman of the Rose Charity Malaysia

Today is Xmas day.Christmas is a time for gathering family and old friends together. Christmas never fails to bring to mind the divine words."Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards fellowmen ."So, on this Christmas Day, while we exchange good wishes and entertain visions of a better future for us and for everyone else, we solemnly dedicate ourselves to do whatever is in our power for the realisation of "Peace on earth and goodwill towards our fellowmen "

But just as it makes us feel loving and loved to open the door to familiar faces and new faces of Rose Charities International global village volunteers and welcome them in,it's also a time that reminds us of those who are no longer there.

So in the midst of all our drinking,eating and getting very merry, we shouldn't forget that Christmas is also a good time to stop the usual noise of our everyday remember and then celebrate those we're loved and lost .

Former Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru once said : " What we really are matters more than what other people think of us " .

To achieve our international global mission statement,we will build on the strength of our volunteers,our track record and professional reputation .

WE should forge ahead towards new levels of excellence in order to create sustainable growth and distinctive value for our members and the community at large .

Mother Teresa said : " Never worry about numbers ,help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest YOU ."

We should also empower our international pool of volunteers to serve their communities,meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding and goodwill through Rose Charities Centers throughout the world .

We should have passion for everything that you do,then joy will come from that passion " .

Theodore Roosevelt once said : " DO WHAT YOU CAN,WITH WHAT YOU HAVE WHERE YOU ARE '

As volunteers , we must demonstrate to much good can be achieved ( the numerous projects and activities carried out by Rose Charities CHAPTERS )by sincere efforts,unselfish spirit of service and excellent spirit of suport and co-operation in the community in which we live in .

IF you give somebody hope ,you give them dignity. Most important, you show them that somebody cares. That is how i found what i call purpose of life .. trying to lend a helping hand to someone and show them that somebody does CARE .

With another milepost in sight and another year bckoning us with hopes and opportunities for service to the commuity, we stop a moment to reflect upon our pleasant relations of the year about to close.

It is indeed,with gratitude that i look back upon the past year and thank you for your continued support and trust in electing me your Malaysian chapter president.

Your presence will be the barometer for our efforts.It will spur the adminsttration on to greater heights and achievements .It will be more than an indication of support,it will be an inspiration for even better and more projects and activities for the malaysian organisation .

May i extend to you,your family and volunteers from Rose Charities global village bst wishes for a very happy,healthy and properous NEW YEAR .

Warmest regards

Lawrence Cheah..

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