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Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Life and work is possible because I am living mindfully....."

Life and work is possible because I am living mindfully, and in every moment I feel right to be here, to do what I am doing, and to help others to feel that this is part of their journey. There is no doubt most of us have thoughts about being here, AND about being or not being somewhere else. Only a few of the people I see are truly citizens of this town. We are all visitors, and we must remember to leave things in order, and make even better after leaving. I continue absorbing more and more David Brazier's books – I keep reading them again, and making notes, which I likely will delete soon… The desire for so many things, for company of loved ones, for a pedicure. It is amazing how sometimes it is hard to keep the fire in control, smile at all thoughts I have about somewhere, someone who is not present. And then I am able to return to my life and work in Malakal.

Yaya de Andrade (from her writings from the Sudan)

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