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Monday, June 22, 2009

The road to Santiago

..The rain has stopped, but the blanket of clouds refuses to move and allow the sun to do its job, warming the way to Santiago. The path is muddy as I walk up the hill in between two strings of down flow streams trying to keep my feet dry. I look down and notice a worm that has been swept away by one of the streams. 6 Spanish people, 4 men and 2 women, stop and ask why I am limping, if I am okay? I´ve told my story a thousand times over, so I start explaining, once again, the problems I have with my legs.
As I am speaking, telling my story, I can´t help it but think of the little worm that was swept away by one of the streams. The worm was drifting with the water, when it got tangled around a pebble in one of the streams. You´d figure it would un tangle itself and continue with the flow? No! This worm, so courageous and determined, fights against the current, trying to get back to the top; to the point, where the flow of water, so strong and powerful, without any question or remorse, knocks it off its path, only to take it to an unfamiliar place.
I think to myself, I compare myself with this little worm... Have I not been swept away by a powerful tide last year? Am I not fighting against the current too? Has life presented its difficulties to test my faith, my courage, my dedication? Do I let go and drift with the flow, or do I fight back?

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