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Monday, September 14, 2009

Helping gifted Sri Lanka students through University/College

Picture. Visiting film producer Donna Williams of Word Love organization and Mr Anthony Richard present the first Rose Charities Sri Lanka Univeristy Scholarship (2005)

Children of poor families in Sri Lanka know that the best road to lifting themselves and their families out of poverty is through attaining a proper education. While Sri Lanka has a fine education system and tuition is free for those who need it, there are other costs associated with attending university or college besides the tuition fees. Living costs, costs of books and materials needed for the courses, food and costs for those small aspects of daily living all addup.

Four years ago Amanda and Chais, two students from B.C. founded their University sponsorship program, now run by Rose Charities Sri Lanka For around $200 per year, all costs for the student can be covered to enable them to benefit from their free placed in University or College.

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